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5. HRV Maintenance Chart

HRV Maintenance Chart

Unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer, service your HRV according to the following schedule. If service or maintenance items not specified below are recommended by the manufacturer, write them into the blank spaces provided.


Maintenance Required Recommended Date Maintenance Performed
Clean or replace air filters Every 1 to 3 months*            
Clean or unblock outside hoods and screens Every 1 to 3 months*            
Inspect and clean heat-exchange core Every 6 months            
Inspect and clean condensate drain and pans Every 6 months            
Service and clean fans Every 3 to 6 months            
Adjust dehumidistat controls Seasonally            
Clean grilles and inspect ductwork Annually            
Check defrost system Annually            
General servicing by a qualified contractor Annually            
   Supply airflow
   Exhaust airflow


* You may want to alter this schedule to meet your own needs, depending on the severity of your home's indoor and outdoor environments or the manufacturer's recommendations. More frequent servicing may be required if your home is in a location that is dusty, has high traffic flows, etc.

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Source: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) - Office of Energy Efficiency

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