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The quality of an installation is equally, or even more important as the new equipment itself! It optimizes the energy-efficiency, longevity, durability, and even home value. That’s why our Performance Engineered Installation is a significant step above installations done by all other Heating and Cooling companies in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s not only about the box; it’s about how it’s installed!

Performanced Engineered Installation

Our Performanced Engineered Installation is the superior process with complete testing, (if you don’t measure you are only guessing) necessary customized alterations, and full written documentation. It ensures that equipment will run optimally, doing testing and necessary customization ensuring optimal performance. It includes:

  • Preliminary in-home assessment through our engineering survey.
  • Customized S.C.O.R.E. testing to ensure optimal efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Client education on operation, and maintenance of the products.
  • Written documentation for compliance to our standards.

Questions to ask before any contractor does work for you!

  1. When will the project be completed?
  2. How much time will the installers spend on your installation?
  3. Is the work being subcontracted out either by the job or by the hour?
  4. Will there be a written start-up sheet showing everything that was done?
  5. What amount of General Liability insurance does the contractor have?
  6. What accreditation do the mechanics have? G1,G2,G3, ODP, 313A, 313D
  7. What specific testing is done to ensure reliability, safety, and comfort?
  8. What will they do with your old equipment?
  9. Will they go over the written documentation including the homeowner’s manual?
  10. Are they a member of HRAI, TSSA, and have their Master’s Heating License?
  11. Remeber to get all of this in writing!
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For AC repair service in Thornhill ON, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept cash for Cooling repair service provided in Toronto ON.
We accept check for Ductless AC repair service provided in Richmond Hill ON.
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